Who we are

We believe it’s important to dedicate as much time to every client as we possibly can. While some agencies may put smaller clients on the “back burner” NEXTGen treats each client as equally as the other. Our belief is that every client is a vital piece to our structural organization and without them we would not exist. Our traditional approach, combined with our experience in new methods of advertising makes NEXTGen one of the leading agencies in advertising today.

What we do

NEXTGen is a full-service advertising agency, which means we are proficient in all aspects of the advertising industry. Our comprehensive knowledge of the industry has made us one of the most dependable agencies on Long Island and our continued success keeps us there. Whether you or your business needs one advertisement or a full campaign, NEXTGen and its employees will care about your public image as much as you do. If it’s print, radio, television, digital or something else, NEXTGen has you covered no matter what your advertising needs are.

 What we stand for

Your success is our success! If you are looking for “yes” men, please don’t call us. Because we will tell you what we think, what our experience has shown us, and what the research shows. We will disagree with you at times, and we will be just as excited as you when you have a successful campaign.  For instance don’t be surprised if you get phone calls, texts or emails over the weekend or at midnight if there’s a major event going on. In other words we think of ourselves as an extension of your business.

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