Case Study:

Suffolk County Police Department Recruitment (2010 – 2011)


Suffolk County Police Department Recruitment Campaign “Be Proud of Someone…”


SCPD was looking to increase minority applicants to their 2011 test. The campaign’s success would be judged against the 2007 test results.


Create a campaign that would reach minorities in the Long Island/NY City area. Make the profession of being a Police Officer desirable.



Our challenge was making the job of a police officer attractive to the minority community. With a job that offered so many benefits, it was surprising how few minority candidates were taking the Civil Service test. Creatively we wanted to give the campaign a positive image that reinforced a feeling of pride. “Be Proud of Someone…Yourself” was the slogan that accomplished the objective.


Our media strategy had to be ethnically targeted. Our main demographic targets were African Americans, Hispanics and Women. Finding out where these populations lived and what they read, watched, listened to and searched online was imperative to the campaign’s success. The budget was $200K for the nine-month campaign. Our research showed the campaign needed to include outdoor, print, electronic, direct mail and digital.

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